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With eye injuries, these can happen in different ways. It may be someone's been punched in the eye. It may be that they have fallen on something and hurt their eye. Now, it could be that the eye itself has been damaged, or just the surrounding skin around the eye. It may be they cut their brow, or on the eyelid. The thing with eye injuries is that the eyes track together, so if you hurt this eye, and you cover this eye, then this eye is going to move as well. If you just cover one eye, when this eye follows around, it's still going to be moving underneath the dressing.

For serious injuries, it may be necessary to cover both eyes. Now, if someone's wearing headgear and they are doing any contact type sports, this will protect them to a certain extent, but the eyes can still get hurt, so be careful when you are doing any exercise. If someone has been hurt in the face, or the eyes, then you need to remove the headgear and see what you are dealing with. It might the eye's already covered in blood, or it might just be watering a lot.

The important thing is to have a look. Is there anything in the eye? Is it causing any problems? And decide what you are going to be doing. If you are using a standard dressing, then you need to take the dressing out the packaging, and you need to place it over the eye itself, making sure you are not getting any dirt on the eye, cause this can cause a secondary infection. Remember, gloves on, pop the dressing on. Now, first aid kits will have a variety of dressings in them that have a standard dressing, and also an eye pad. The eye pad itself will go over the eye itself, and then just tie at the back of the head. Normally, they have at least two of these, so it allows for covering both eyes up.

You can also use a conventional dressing. If you want, you can just use a standard wound dressing, pop it over the eye, and that will take all the lights out, stop the person being able to see through that eye, but also protects it and keep the wound clean before we get them to the medical professionals. It might be in some cases putting a cold pack on the eye helps. Or maybe just run a flannel under the tap, take the worst of the water off, and hold that out with the eye. This can all be soothing things.

If you need to move a patient, then you might need to be their eyes for them. Maybe you need just to help them to the car and guide them through and reassure them. Someone who has lost their sight temporarily cause you put dressings on, they need to know that you are there and you are caring for them, so keep talking to them. Put your arm around them. Make sure that they are comfortable at all times.